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A TED RAMON TALK: a custom experience/event that includes a motivational talk by Dr. Resa, a moderated Q&A, a private screening of never-before-seen documentary film teaser, trailer, and/or footage, copies of Dr. Resa’s memoir, “Out of the Fields” for audience members, a book signing and additional benefits depending on the package and budget chosen.

RAMON RISING is the feature documentary film in production now that tells the story of Ramon Resa, MD and his impossible journey from abandoned boy to doctor. Abandoned as a toddler, Ramon was taken in by a farm working couple in Central Valley California and raised as one of 15 children living in a 2-room house. His childhood, or more accurately stated, missing childhood, was one of severe poverty, neglect and abuse. From age three on Ramon was hired out to perform backbreaking farm labor and forced to give the money he earned to his guardians.

His Dickensian childhood was made even more difficult because Ramon suffered with a speech impediment and struggled with bouts of severe depression. In school and society he faced ongoing racial discrimination. Against all these odds, Ramon made it into college and went on to medical school to became a doctor. Upon receiving his license to practice medicine, Dr. Resa returned to the Central Valley and went to work as a pediatrician. For over 30 years Dr. Resa’s provided care for kids like he once was. He’s the living, breathing proof to his young patients that they too can make a better future for themselves.

A “TED RAMON TALK” event/experience means your group/organization will also receive on-screen credit in the film. Thus, you become known as an important member in the battle against xenophobia inducing myths being spread in politics and the media today. Dr. Resa’s story convincingly debunks race and culture based negative stereotypes about immigrants who come to the U.S. in search of a better life. Your participation helps Dr. Resa’s empowering story reach large numbers of audience members far beyond the four walls of your event. RAMON RISING has the potential to inspire generation after generation of kids from underserved communities to dare dream of a better life. Audiences of all ages and ethnicities will come away from theaters inspired to believe they too can make their lives and communities better, armed with knowing that if Dr. Resa was able to overcome all the barriers and problems in his life to become a doctor, they too can overcome the problems they face.

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*some events may be shot for possible inclusion in RAMON RISING

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