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Your corporation, group or association is invited to book Dr. Resa, Latino keynote speaker and author, for a once-in-a-lifetime event which can include motivational talks and moderated interviews with Dr. Resa, private screenings of never-before-seen documentary film footage, book signings of Dr. Resa’s memoir “Out of the Fields” and more.

Motivation & Inspiration

No matter age, income level or ethnicity, audiences who learn of Dr. Resa’s story are inspired to believe they too can make their lives better knowing if he could overcome all the barriers in his life, they too can overcome the difficult problems they face.

Diversity, Inclusion & Social Awareness

Attendees gain insight and tools to overcome unconscious bias. Dr. Resa’s story convincingly debunks race and culture based negative stereotypes about Hispanics and Latinos, people of color as well as the poor, underserved and neglected members of society. Audiences walk away with a renewed personal commitment to be aware of each person’s individual human potential.

Ramon’s story is the story of human potential, the unique personal potential that exists within us independently from any external source. It is also a story of hope and how we can keep it alive inside, even when there is no visible evidence that our dreams can come true … Ramon is a unique and gifted individual with an important place in history. His legacy will be felt for many generations, maybe even forever. | Jim Cathcart – Author of The Acorn Principle

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