The Inspiring Story of Ramon Resa, MD

 3 min Preview –Includes interviews with: Ramon Resa, MD,  Dan Lowenstein, MD – Executive Vice Chancellor & Provost at UCSF, Professor and Vice Chairman in the UCSF Department of Neurology  , Diane Wagner, Executive Producer, RAMON RISING.

Journey from Migrant Child Farm Laborer to Doctor

RAMON RISING© is a film about an abandoned boy, Ramon Resa, who against all odds became a pediatrician. Abandoned as a toddler, Ramon was raised as one of 15 children living in severe poverty, neglect and abuse in Central Valley, California. His guardians required Ramon and all 15 of the children to earn their own keep. From early childhood on, Ramon was hired out to perform back breaking farm labor alongside adult farmworkers.

During grade school, Ramon’s teachers told him that he didn’t have to be a farmworker for the rest of his life. They encouraged him to aim for getting a college education because with a degree Ramon could choose any career he wanted. Upon hearing their words, hope for a better future began to take root in Ramon’s heart and he set his sights on making it to college.

However, getting into a university proved to be nearly impossible for a poor farmworker boy in the Central Valley. Especially one like Ramon who had a speech impediment and suffered with severe bouts of depression. His pilgrimage out of the hot, dusty fields to becoming a pediatrician was filled with tremendous adversity making it necessary for Ramon to learn what never giving up really means.

Perhaps even more amazing, when Ramon received a license to practice pediatrics, he immediately packed up and went straight back to the Central Valley to set up his medical practice. For over 30 years Dr. Resa has provided medical care for kids of poor farmworker families like the one he grew up in.  He is living proof to his young patients that they can make a better future for themselves. Audiences will come away from watching RAMON RISING© celebrating the human spirit’s indelible power to help us rise above everything in the way of reaching a better life. At the same time, they will be stricken to learn of the tragic living conditions of those around us who are stuck in poverty, suffer discrimination and don’t have opportunities to rise out of their circumstances.

“RAMON RISING©” is being shot in Ultra High Definition 4K digital cinema. Final mastering will be done in the 4K cinema format. Storytelling techniques includes interviews, narration, animated historic stills, motion graphics/titles and live action events with key people. The film includes live, current day candid footage of young children laboring in the fields, families in migrant farmworker camps, and select live public speaking events featuring Dr. Resa.

Preliminary Locations: Farms and migrant farm worker camps scattered across the Sacramento Valley, Napa and Southern California, Santa Cruz – UC Campus, San Francisco – UC Campus, Davis – UC Campus, Irvine – UC Campus, Los Angeles, San Diego and Porterville CA.

Jesse Gift – Executive Producer | Writer/Director

Mr. Gift is a multiple Emmy® recipient, including the Primetime Emmy® Award for Breaking News. He brings 20 years of television journalism experience to this documentary. Jesse’s storytelling has been watched tens of millions of viewers on high profile national television news shows on ABC, NBC, and CBS. His national TV credits also include scripted entertainment shows, network specials and documentaries for CBS, A&E, MTV and VH1.

Diane Wagner – Executive Producer

Ms. Wagner is an MBA with over 15 years of experience providing specialized market research consulting and sales for Fortune 500 companies.