Request Dr. Resa to Speak


Once-in-a-lifetime speaking event options include motivational talks and moderated interviews with Dr. Resa (along with the film’s Emmy® award winning producers). Also available: screenings of never-before-seen documentary film footage and book signings of Dr. Resa’s memoir “Out of the Fields”.


Motivation & Inspiration: No matter age, income level or ethnicity, audiences who learn of Dr. Resa’s story are inspired. They’ll likely walk away convinced that since he was able to overcome the dire circumstances in his life, they too can overcome the difficult challenges they face.

Diversity, Inclusion & Social Awareness: Dr. Resa’s story convincingly debunks negative stereotypes and myths about immigrants, people of color, the poor, and the underserved members of our society. Attendees gain insight and tools to overcome unconscious bias and walk away with a renewed personal commitment to respect and value each person’s individual human potential.