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RAMON RISING: A Feature Documentary About The Life of Dr. Ramon Resa

Dr. Ramon Resa’s incredible life is the subject of a new documentary currently in production called RAMON RISING. Click on the film teaser above to see a glimpse of Dr. Resa’s struggles, achievements and significant impact on kids. RAMON RISING is produced by The Documentary Studio.

An Abandoned Boy Growing up in Crushing Poverty, Neglect, & Abuse Becomes a Doctor

Director Jesse Gift shares why he decided to make Ramon Resa’s story into a documentary:

I met Dr. Resa nearly a dozen years ago. He was in the early stages of writing his memoir at the time. I was a panelist for a National Speakers Association event designed to help authors and speakers learn to pitch their story to national news media. Dr. Resa stood up during the Q&A segment and addressed a question to me. He asked me if I thought “Farmworker Boy to Pediatrician” was a good headline for a pitch to a national news outlet. My 20 plus years in national television journalism trained me to know an important story when I hear one. At that moment I knew Dr. Resa’s story was not only important one, but one that could change the world. 

The message is unmistakable. If Dr. Resa was able to overcome the extreme trauma of his childhood and the economic, cultural and prejudicial barriers he faced and persevere to become a pediatrician, then you too can overcome all the obstacles and problems you face. His story especially resonates with young people who, for a variety of reasons, have been overlooked or dismissed by society. This includes those growing up in troubled families where failure is the norm. It speaks to kids who are the first in their family to make it into college, and to the vast and ever-growing number of children living in poverty with few opportunities to make their lives better.

I passionately believe audiences of all ages who watch RAMON RISING will leave the theatre encouraged, empowered and absolutely certain they can change their lives and their communities for the better.


Jesse Gift – Executive Producer | Writer/Director

Mr. Gift is a multiple Emmy® recipient, including the Primetime Emmy® Award for Breaking News. He brings 20 years of television journalism experience to this documentary. Jesse’s storytelling has been watched tens of millions of viewers on high profile national television news shows on ABC, NBC, and CBS. His national TV credits also include scripted entertainment shows, network specials and documentaries for CBS, A&E, MTV and VH1.

Diane Wagner – Executive Producer

Ms. Wagner is the founder of The Documentary Studio. She is an MBA with over 15 years of experience providing specialized market research consulting and sales for Fortune 500 companies.