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RAMON RISING: A Feature Documentary About The Life of Dr. Ramon Resa

RAMON RISING is a feature length documentary film about the heartbreaking yet triumphant life of Ramon Resa, MD. It follows his agonizing journey from picking cotton at age three; to his academic struggles in college, his acceptance to medical school at UCI where he experienced blatant racism; to his return to Central Valley, California to be the pediatrician of kids just like he once was. Dr. Resa’s been at it for over 30 years now. He not only provides medical care but he’s also flesh-and-blood proof to his young patients that it is possible for them to achieve their dreams too.

The film will tell Dr. Resa’s story through interviews with key individuals from his childhood, high school, and university years as well as Dr. Resa and family members. Key Rotary members will also be interviewed about their role in encouraging Ramon to tell his story as a speaker and author. Highlights from some of Dr. Resa’s public speaking engagements at Rotary Clubs and the University of California Irvine will be featured to capture the dynamic between Dr. Resa and these audiences.

RAMON RISING will show audiences what it’s like to be a Central Valley farmworker by following pickers and laborers working in the fields. Producers will engage a sports science expert to compare the physical challenge of a day’s farm labor with a workday for an NFL/NBA player. This will be the first time farm labor’s physical demands have been measured and then compared with demanding physical activities most audience members know a little about. This up close look at farms and farm labor in Central Valley California is likely to be the first for most of the audience.

RAMON RISING powerfully dispels race and language-based myths concerning the intelligence, aptitude, and motivation of migrants working in the Central California fields and nationwide. Dr. Resa’s success story is proof that every child (even an abandoned Latino boy with a speech impediment, no family support, and zero resources) has the potential to become a valuable, contributing member of society. After watching RAMON RISING, audience members of all ages will leave the theatre feeling encouraged, empowered, and absolutely certain they too can change their lives and their communities for the better.


Jesse Gift – Executive Producer | Writer/Director

Mr. Gift is a multiple Emmy® recipient, including the Primetime Emmy® Award for Breaking News. He brings 20 years of television journalism experience to this documentary. Jesse’s storytelling has been watched tens of millions of viewers on high profile national television news shows on ABC, NBC, and CBS. His national TV credits also include scripted entertainment shows, network specials and documentaries for CBS, A&E, MTV and VH1.

Diane Wagner – Executive Producer

Ms. Wagner is the founder of The Documentary Studio. She is an MBA with over 15 years of experience providing specialized market research consulting and sales for Fortune 500 companies.