Ramon’s Journey-Abandoned Boy to Doctor

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Dr. Resa’s Story Inspires Audiences to Dare Dream of a Better Life

RAMON RISING© is the documentary about an abandoned boy, Ramon Resa, who against all odds became a pediatrician. Abandoned as a toddler, Ramon was raised as one of 15 children living in severe poverty, neglect and abuse in Central Valley, California. From early childhood on, Ramon was hired out to perform back-breaking farm labor.

Against All Odds

One of Ramon’s grade school teachers told him that he didn’t have to be a farmworker for the rest of his life. She encouraged him to get a college education explaining that with a degree Ramon could choose any career he wanted. Upon hearing her words, hope for a better future was birthed in Ramon’s heart and he set his sights on making it to college. His pilgrimage out of the hot, dusty fields to becoming a pediatrician was filled with tremendous adversity. He faced racial discrimination by school officials and students as well as fierce opposition from his guardians who forbade him to go to college, insisting he get a job after high school to earn an income and help support them.

The Indomitable Human Spirit

Dr. Resa received his license to practice pediatrics and went straight back to the Central Valley and went to work. For over 30 years he’s provided care for kids like he once was. Dr. Resa is living proof to his young patients that they too can make a better future for themselves. Audiences of all ages, ethnicities and backgrounds will come away from watching RAMON RISING© celebrating the indomitable human spirit’s power to overcome all obstacles to reach a better life. At the same time, they will be stricken to learn of the tragic living conditions of those around us who are stuck in poverty, suffer discrimination, and can’t access opportunities to rise out of their circumstances.  

A Documentary Needed Now

RAMON RISING© is the antidote to the avalanche of hateful words, attitudes and threats against immigrants. Dr. Resa’s life convincingly debunks race, culture, and language-based myths concerning the intelligence, aptitude, and motivation of immigrants who come to America. His story testifies to the universal truth that every child (even an abandoned Latino boy with a speech impediment, no family, and zero resources) has the potential to become a valuable, contributing member of our society – and serves as a powerful example to why every child deserves to be treated equally, with dignity, and with the opportunity to have a quality education.

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Diane Wagner, Executive Producer | Diane@thedocumentarystudio.com | 310-614-4453


Jesse Gift – Executive Producer | Writer/Director
Mr. Gift is a multiple Emmy® recipient, including the Primetime Emmy® Award for Breaking News. He brings 20 years of television journalism experience to this documentary. Jesse’s storytelling has been watched tens of millions of viewers on high profile national television news shows on ABC, NBC, and CBS. His national TV credits include scripted entertainment shows, network specials and documentaries for CBS, A&E, MTV and VH1.


RAMON RISING is produced by The Documentary Studio.  The documentary is partially based on Dr. Resa’s memoir “Out Of The Fields: My Journey From Farmworker Boy To Pediatrician.”