An Important, Timely & Inspiring Story of Human Potential

RAMON RISING | The Documentary Film about Ramon Resa, MD

4K Film Preview (Rotary’s Role) | The Story of Ramon Resa, MD – The Abandoned Boy Who Became a Doctor  | In Production Now | Projected Release: 2018

Rotarians Encouraged Dr. Resa To Share His Important, Timely & Inspiring Story

The film about Dr. Resa’s journey from abandoned Mexican American child laborer to pediatrician is one of the most important, timely and inspiring accounts of human potential audiences can see. Dr. Resa, a Rotarian would never have been willing to share his harrowing life story were it not for the encouragement of fellow Rotarians. It was they who influenced his decision to go public with the details of his struggles – first as a keynote speaker and then with a memoir. Now Dr. Resa’s story is being made into a documentary film for release in early 2018.

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CONTACT: Diane Wagner, Executive Producer | Diane@RamonRising.Film