RAMON RISING© | A Timely, Inspiring Story of Human Potential

RAMON RISING©  is the documentary film story of Ramon Resa’s journey from abandoned migrant farmworker boy to pediatrician. Ramon was 2 years old when given away by his mother to a farm working couple in Central Valley, California. He was raised as one of 15 children in a two-room house and lived in severe poverty, neglect and abuse. From early childhood on, Ramon was hired out to perform back-breaking farm labor with any earnings going to his so-called guardians.

RAMON RISING PREVIEW | Projected Release: Fall 2018 | Includes interviews with: Dan Lowenstein, MD – Executive Vice Chancellor & Provost at UCSF, Professor and Vice Chairman in the UCSF Department of Neurology and Executive Producer, Diane Wagner.

Overcoming All Odds

It was his second grade teacher who explained to Ramon he didn’t have to be a farmworker for the rest of his life. She encouraged him to get a college education because with a degree he could choose any career he wanted. Upon hearing her words, hope entered into Ramon’s heart for the first time and he set his sights on making it to college. His pilgrimage out of the hot, dusty fields to becoming a pediatrician was filled with staggering adversity. Ramon had a speech impediment, suffered bouts of severe depression, faced racial discrimination in school – and fierce opposition from his guardians who forbade him to go to college insisting he get a job after high school to help support them.

Celebrating The Indomitable Human Spirit

Despite his Dickensian childhood and against all odds Ramon made it through college and medical school. When he received his license to practice medicine, Dr. Resa returned to the same area of Central Valley where he grew up and went to work as a pediatrician. For over 30 years he’s provided care for children (of migrant farmworking families) like he once was. Dr. Resa’s living proof to his young patients that they too can make a better future for themselves. Audiences of all ages, ethnicities and backgrounds will come away from watching RAMON RISING reminded of the power of the indomitable human spirit to overcome. They’ll join many who learn of his story in believing, “If Dr. Resa was able to overcome everything he faced and become a doctor, then I too can make my life better!”

Debunking Negative Myths & Stereotypes

RAMON RISING is a potent antidote to today’s outbreak of bias toward those who come to America seeking a better life. It convincingly debunks race-based myths and negative stereotypes about Mexican Americans. Dr. Resa’s story testifies to the universal truth that every child (including an abandoned migrant farmworker boy with a speech impediment, no family, and zero resources) has the potential to become a valuable, contributing member of our society.

“Ramon’s story is the story of human potential, the unique personal potential that exists within us independently from any external source. It is also a story of hope and how we can keep it alive inside, even when there is no visible evidence that our dreams can come true … you are not limited by your age, your health, your relationships, or your finances nearly as much as your unwillingness to dream and persist … Ramon is a unique and gifted individual with an important place in history. His legacy will be felt for many generations, maybe even forever.” | Jim Cathcart – Author of The Acorn Principle

“At a time when social mobility is very much in doubt, Dr. Resa’s story reminds us that we all benefit when people can rise to their potential. | John J. Pitney Jr., RAMON RISING POLITICAL SCIENCE CONSULTANT | Roy P. Crocker Professor of American Politics at Claremont McKenna College

Ramon’s story is really a human rights story. It’s about the right to have a quality education, the right to equality, the right to have access to the American Dream.” | John K. Roth, RAMON RISING HUMAN RIGHTS CONSULTANT | Edward J. Sexton Professor Emeritus of Philosophy, Claremont McKenna College, Founding Director CMC’s Mgrublian Center for Human Rights

“This film about Dr. Resa’s life puts a human face on migrant farmworkers out laboring in the fields for low pay and little or no hope for advancement in life, but it doesn’t stop there. His story speaks for all who’ve been dismissed, overlooked, or marginalized by our society. Dr. Resa is an example to those with a foster care background, or who come from troubled/broken families where poverty, neglect, abuse and failure is the norm, and to all inner city families with little or no opportunity to escape the “hood” in order to make their lives better. I passionately believe audience members of all ages, ethnicities, and backgrounds will leave classrooms and theaters after watching RAMON RISING encouraged and empowered with certainty they too can change their lives, their communities and the world for the better.”Jesse Gift, RAMON RISING PRODUCER, WRITER/DIRECTOR |  Breaking News Primetime Emmy Recipient & multiple Emmy nominee