Dr. Resa’s Life Honored in Mural Art

Watch the 5 minute story about the making of his mural | interviews with: Ramon Resa, MD – mural subject, Omar Carrera – CEO Canal Alliance, Guillermo Kelly – Mural Artist, Tracy Eastman – Mural Artist, Rich Storek – Architect, Denise Toson and  Debora Franco – Mosaic Mural Artists 

Mural Depicts His Journey – Migrant Child Farm Laborer to Pediatrician

Canal Alliance in San Rafael, California, a nonprofit champion of refugees and immigrants, joined with Marin MOCA who commissioned and recruited mural artists from Italy and the San Francisco Bay Area. They created the vibrant mural which is installed in the entry stairway of the Canal Alliance education building. As a result, every student, teacher, parent and visitor who enters will walk next to this artistic portrayal of human potential and be inspired by Dr. Resa’s journey from migrant child farm laborer to pediatrician. In addition, the mural will all to dare dream of a better life through education.